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Palazzo Beverly Hills | Endermologie & Vichy Therapy

  • Endermologie: stimulating the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin, improves lymph circulation.

  • Vichy Therapy: uses both water pressure and temperature to induce relaxation. The process starts with a warm shower whilst lying on a massage table followed by alternative streams of hot and cold water at varying levels of pressure to relax the body. For years, vichy message therapy promotes healthy lymphatic drainage as massage jets stimulate circulation and detoxification throughout the body, without the need for hand to body contact. Vichy shower massage therapy provides for an experiential massage experience by using controlled pressure of water.

  • Crystal Therapy: includes the use of crystals and hot stones to promote calm and relaxation.

  • Ashiatsu: involves the massage practitioner walking barefoot on the persons back. It is common for the massage therapist to hold onto ceiling bars to balance and support their body weight and distribute pressure.

  • Steam Therapy: involves the use of steam to open the pores of the skin, often prior to ice therapy.

"Ashiatsu massage involves the practitioner walking barefoot on the back holding onto ceiling bars to support their body weight and distribute pressure."
"Steam therapy involves steam to open skin pores, often prior to ice therapy."

Steam therapy is popular in Finland, Iceland and throughout Scandinavia. Palazzo Beverly Hills steam rooms are designed with nordic themed contemporary clean lines, complimented by natural light as the spa is surrounded by wrap around breathtaking mountain views and natural wildlife. Steam therapy is known for opening the pores and cleansing your skin. It can help loosen any particle buildup, which may help improve the appearance of your skin and promote healthy circulation by promoting blood flow by dilating blood vessels and moving blood toward the skin’s surface causing a healthy blush glow.

Palazzo Beverly Hills | The Spa

As heat can increase blood flow, sitting in a steam room may help loosen up your joints and often done as a pre-yoga warm up. Conceptually, this is similar to warming up before your workout. Indeed by dilating your blood vessels, this allows more blood, nutrients, and oxygen to be delivered to any injured areas, or alternatively improve recovery times for professional athletes. Simply put, better circulation means loosened muscles and joints.


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